Welcome Everyone!

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of a new and growing team of individuals that take pride in the industry and love to vape! We do no give out freebies here, everything is earned and plenty of love is spread out to top Instagram accounts. The more you help us, the more we give you.
We will explain everything in detail and after reading this if you still have questions, you can email me HERE. We are a community and we don't mind helping you out.
Okay, so now that all that is behind us, lets get right to it!
1. We give you a free, 1 year VIP membership to E-Juice Deals. (Worth $120) With this membership account, you can view the discounts and see the site and company and lines you will be supporting. We add juice every month so it is constantly changing. You are under no obligation to buy anything, at all, at anytime. If you want to take advantage of the membership, you are more then welcome. To be honest, we don't make anything off the juice, we make our money from the memberships.
2. We give you a personal promo code to use on Instagram and anywhere you want to share. THIS PROMO CODE IS ONLY GOOD FOR SAVING 50% OFF a SINGLE ORDER. One use per person per email.
You share your code and people order and get the same savings you have. Then, the next time they want to use it they have to buy a membership. 
3. We require you to post at least 3 text posts a week plus one video and tag us in the text portion. The text posts do not need to be about us or the juice we have, we just want to get the tag. The video can be 10-15 seconds of your interpretation of E-Juice Deals.Net. It is a money saving source for juice if you vape a lot. We want new members, please target that and push that personal promo code.
4. We will give you a swag package once you prove yourself and reach a 250 post milestone. This is a 250 post that we are tagged in. Not total on your account. If you do the minimum this will take you over a year. Being Honest. If you have some initiative and post daily, you will hit that mark quicker.
5. We will randomly do "Promo Drops" in the Facebook group.
These can be:
-Free bottles of juice
-Free memberships to give away to your fans
-Free Swag from Juice Companies
-Free Gear & Accessories
6. We want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We will give you a shot and a chance. If at anytime you want to stop and cancel your sponsorship, no problem! We will delete you out of the system. If you continue to bug me about free stuff I will delete you and add your name to the black list which is sent to all the major players in the scene and updated daily.
Membership Q&A
1. You can use the membership as much or as little as you want.
2. You can let your family in the household use it as long as it's being shipped to you.
3. Please do not give out your log-in information
So, there you go. Pretty cut and dry. If I missed anything (which i'm pretty sure I did) just let me know or ask on the Facebook page.
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